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It’s a new day…  and lets face it many families and businesses are currently struggling to stay a breath. There are close to no jobs, social welfare is slowly been eradicated. Cost of living constantly increasing which then puts families in a lot of stress and tension begins to rise and leads to conflict, fights, divorces, diseases and the never ending problems. It’s a vicious circle or so it may seem. I know It may sound religious but it is indeed true that when all fails BE STILL and go within.

Take a minute, digest and study what just happened and BE STILL and TRUST simply leave it to the most high whomever you believe it is God, Allah, Ra, Buddha….. and watch how things begin to move. Doors start to open and problems start to clear away and balance is restored. When you get still and listen keenly to the most high then God/ the most high guides you to the place and people who will be in a position to solve the issues that you are currently facing. You will begin to realize that you get just the right coupons in the mail for the things you needed but could not afford or a friend calls to offer some help or drop you a gift or you see an advertisement in the local paper or poster at the store for a refrigerator ( yours just went dead) and when you make that call to enquire the person tells you to come and pick it up for NO COST at all yes, this is TRUE these things happen every day but you have to be obedient and heed to your intuition when you hear that voice saying call them up even when you know you could barely afford to replace the fridge nor pay the price on the ad just be obedient and call do what the most high guides you to do. ( the right things no harm or negative stuff that is not from God)

Some of you call it FAITH then have faith. If you just lost your job don’t lose your head or punish your family by been in a bad mood all the time or yelling about bills and how you can’t afford this and that ( your family is not to blame for losing your job, or that business is not going too well) just BE STILL and be ready to respond when the most high tells you what to do or go to a certain place don’t be stubborn just do it. Your job  or breakthrough may just be waiting for you.

So remember do not lose your peace and when all fails just BE STILL and listen and all your questions will be answered ideas will flow and you will be amazed.

It is indeed true that for every door that shuts a new one opens and it’s usually a better one full of the best suprises you couldn’t even imagine :o)


Now if there is one thing Africa has in abundance it is LAND and not just land but rich and FERTILE land. What it is also known to have is extreme poverty. With that said there is also an expected global food crisis and Africa is expected to be hardest hit, so what’s Africa going to do about this? Continue to sleep and wait until it hit, then ask for AID from the international community? I definitely hope not..we all know what happened the last couple of times Africa received AID right? What did they do? ASK FOR MORE AID..

Investing in agriculture, agribusiness and working on improving their infrastructure while developing skills locally seems to be the one solution Africa is looking to take.. FOOD is indeed big business and Africa intends to be right at the centre of it. With about 50% of the worlds uncultivated land, one has to only wonder why there are Africans who go without food and shelter? This only confirms what Africans have been saying for years now and that is that Africa should be able to feed and sustain itself. Africans should by now know that there are rules for Africans and other rules for the rest of the world. Example AID for Africa, Foreign direct investment for other developing countries go figure. Who is to blame? Of course Africans are to blame, with all the business majors, economists , farmers, researchers just to name a few it is obvious that those with the know how make a conscious choice to ignore the FACTS that stare them dead in the eye and instead of using their collective skills to build the continent and deal with some of the pressing issues that face the African people they instead chose to be ignorant.

The good news is it’s never too late to make a 360 degree switch and start to implement good governance, polices that work, proper infrastructure, health systems that are affordable and well equipped, education that is centered towards African economics and commitment to both private and public sectors. If this can be done then the African issues that have gone on for soooo long will slowly become history. It’s a no brainer!


It seems that Africans are still ashamed of their deities while everyone else is celebrating theirs?

The New Thor movie is finally out, for those of you who have watched what I call the Thor series you have definitely noticed the celebration of this image and deity Thor. So powerful and great!! Amazing. Right? However this made me ask the question why don’t Africans celebrate their deities or ever make any movies about African deities. We know they exist, but of course the answer to this question is very simple. They don’t make most of the movies we see in Hollywood, neither do they control media that markets certain movies and images. Now that been said one has to ask yet another question. Why don’t they make the movies locally (in Africa) and start by marketing them on the continent right? I mean that’s quite a large audience, about 1Billion people not bad at all and it’s easy to see the potential unless, it is obvious that these type of movies would not be the type of movies Africans would like to see. Mmmm I wonder….

When you talk to most Africans about their deities just out of curiosity they very quickly tell you how evil these deities were/are or basically don’t know of any African deities or of their existence some will tell you these deities were involved in witchcraft ( magic) but then turn around and tell you how amazing Jesus is

(Who we all know is also a deity and has done a lot of miracles perhaps some would call that magic?) to make matters even worse they will tell you how Thor is a must see  and go on and on about how great he is and how amazing this movie is ooh these Vikings kick ass!! mmmmm doesn’t he have MAGIC doesn’t he do superhuman stuff? Sometimes not so ‘good’ stuff perhaps some might even call it evil? Doesn’t he do extraordinary stuff???  perhaps some might see this as witchcraft mmm whatever happened to common sense on the continent ? Is it possible that these Africans could be so beat down that they don’t even want to imagine leave alone fathom that their deities  who look like them could be great and have extraordinary powers? Do extraordinary things? Perhaps miracles some might call it MAGIC? Sad as it is they would rather turn away in utter shame at anything or anyone who resembles them portrays/ed them in a good light. On the other hand when you travel around Europe all you see are pictures  and statues of deities ALL IN THEIR IMAGE no compromises you almost never see an Asian or African looking image  I personally have never seen any.  Same goes for the middle east or Asia if you don’t believe me travel and check it out for yourself travel to Thailand, India, China, Cambodia, Italy, Malaysia…… and tell me what you see!!! But unlike Europe  or Asia in Africa ALL you see are several European deities almost everywhere you go and definitely NOT IN THEIR IMAGE even in Africans homes you see a picture of a blond haired sometimes black or reddish haired blue eyed JESUS ( definitely never saw a black looking Jesus) what??? If you have you ever been to an Indians home or an Asian home all their deities LOOK like them now please tell me you can see something is really wrong with this picture? PLIZZZ Another question I had is if that’s what the Idea of God is to Africans what does the Devil look like? Mmmm Come on on Africans wake up you are running out of time and excuses for the degree of ignorance that you show or portray to the world. There is nothing wrong with been proud of been who you are and putting up images or pictures of great people who have done great things.  It’s okay to make movies about your history and by this I definitely don’t mean slavery and kunta kinte bullshit but more positive and uplifting movies. Don’t be ashamed of your culture and heritages embrace it. Let it shine its nothing to be ashamed of. Really!! Access the images you put before your children and think about what they watch and see and how it impacts them, what effect it has on their subconscious mind and what message you are sending even without actually or physically saying it.  It might shed some light on some of the inferiority and can’t do attitude that we see all over the continent. The one always seeking for help and assistance elsewhere instead of believing and doing for self. As  A Man Thinketh So Is HE…But hey if your Gods and deities all resemble Europeans then why not go to this God for help when in need hah? Its obvious since your deities (with your permission since you have done nothing to correct this image) are portrayed as Evil, worthless, angry, vagabonds and dangerous deities who can only do you harm ? why would you imagine or expect that any good can come from that, that which looks like YOU hah?  Unless you choose to correct the images and defamation of character and give your ancestors the respect they deserve.

After all what does your picture look like? How does it portray you? Does your image resemble God or the Devil?  Who is your God? Think about it.!

After all a picture is worth a thousand words!


Are you married to a Mamas Boy? Mmmmm I know I have striked a nerve or two with some mamas out there and im sure the wives are like wheeeew I am not alone in this.  Well here are some tips of how to deal with your mama boy partner/husband/boy-friend  companion….

Firstly, living with a MAMAS boy is definitely not a walk in the park. There are however some signs that you are dating a mamas boy (pathetic species of a man) one would wonder how his mother ever expects him to grow up, I mean even the bible says in Genesis 2.24 (King James Version) “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh”. Nowhere does it mention they shall be husband, wife, mother and father.

Here are some of the signs that you are dating a MAMAs boy:

• He asks you to prepare food that she always prepared for him or tries to change and tweak your recipes to kinda make the food taste like mamas ahaaaaaaaaaa • He will call her almost everyday if not every week and update her on ALL matters of his life even those that pertain to you or that should better stay private

• His mama is ALWAYS right she can do noooo wrong she is the BEST woman on the planet, she is the FUNNIEST, the SMARTEST ………okaaaaaay you get the drift right

• She is always dropping food off to your house or cleaning profusely when she is visiting and suggesting certain changes be made in your home.

• He cannot make any decisions without consulting her and getting her go ahead and gives her the heads up before he does ANYTHING

• He always takes her side in an argument and NEVER sides with you.

If you have answered yes to almost all this points sorry girl you have a MAMAS boy and you gotta either get some help or get going fast because this is one of the worst men you can ever be married to he is always going to have that undesirable baby quality about him( you now needy and wanting you to play mama)you need to know that you are playing second to dear MAMA and that can only change with some help DEDICATION and COMMITMENT from him to make the relationship work.

What you can do is try and limit her direct input in your home you know small things like don’t let her cook, clean or interfere with you or your children’s schedules , dictate what needs to be done for the birthdays etc and especially not when in your home. For example If you are hosting thanksgiving or some special event at your home make sure you do just that HOST the event.

  • Never bad mouth her even if you don’t like somethingshe did please do not speak it out loud especially not to her or her son. Leave those discussions for your friends and your sistas. They will understand!
  • Make it VERY clear that she is not your children’s mother and she should not interfere with your rules and plans with regards to your family (be nice when communicating this).
  • Do not consult her or confide in her especially not with issues relating to her son or your family plans or investments. Keep your involvement minimum until you see some progress and then take it from there you know make the appropriate changes in the relationship as you begin to build trust and both she and her son begin to show some more respect. Basically until they have decided to have create a new mother & son relationship as an adult.
  • Never EVER ever lose your cool infront of her especially not with matters relating to her son and definitely not when she is trying to get the better of you. If you can’t hold in your anger simply excuse yourself and walk away. I’m sure you can come up with abelievable or even half a believable excuse of why you need to leave the dinner table. What I’m saying is no scenes, tantrums just be cool.

Speak less, listen more and stand your ground and mean what you say and stick to it, don’t be a flip flopper!

So good luck  to you and do share your tips that help break the mama boy spell :o)

aidsHave you been diagnosed with AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)?

Please don’t lose heart.. Attitude is Everything  and very Key to claiming your health back. Pray, eat healthy, Exercise, Drink lots of clean water, be happy, play and STAY POSTIVE!!

Now Let’s try and break down and define the word AIDS:o)

Acquired: ( you get something)

Meaning: to come into possession or ownership of; get as one’s own:

to gain for oneself through one’s actions or efforts:

Synonyms: To get, be in possession, to see get, to win, earn, attain; appropriate.

Immune:( you can’t get it)

Meaning: protected from a disease or the like, as by inoculation.

of or pertaining to the production of antibodies or lymphocytes that can react with a specific antigen: immune reaction.

exempt or protected:

not responsive or susceptible:

Deficiency: (You don’t have it)

Meaning: the state of being deficient; lack; incompleteness; insufficiency.

the amount lacked; a deficit.

Synonyms: Shortage, inadequacy, paucity, scarcity.

Syndrome: ( you might have it or you might not)

Meaning: Pathology, psychiatry.  a group of symptoms that together are characteristic of a specific disorder, disease, or the like.

a group of related or coincident things, events, actions, etc.

the pattern of symptoms that characterize or indicate a particular social condition.

a predictable, characteristic pattern of behavior, action, etc., that tends to occur under certain circumstances

I’m sure most of enjoyed this right?

Take your time and read it again and DIGEST the meaning of AIDS it will shed some light on the disease and maybe give hope to those who have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

Those of you who have known or know people with Hiv/Aids  have noticed that they have symptoms that everyone or almost everyone on this planet has had sometime in their life like the Flu, diarrhea, fever, abnormal weight loss, vomiting, pneumonia, yeast infections the list goes on and on  and oooon so its clear that the symptoms can be attributed to so many diseases its crazy.

However it is definitely clear that these symptoms could be caused by anything it could be a virus, bacteria, poor sanitation, poverty, malnutrition, you name it… So Get up or rise up and don’t lose hope stay healthy, exercise, eat foods that can boost your immune system and regenerate your cells, drink lots of clean water and most of all stay POSITIVE.

It is advisable that you consult a licensed naturopath or holistic practitioner or therapist for guidance.

Surround yourself with positive people and live your life with joy and love and you will see yourself heal and grow stronger day by day.

Remember you are what you think, eat and drink.

Be Blessed!

2013 and Men still feel Superior to Women? Sorry Men but you need to change your mindset and bring back the badly needed balance. Still too many women complaining about been chronically exhausted about doing household chores, cooking, homework etc while maintaining  full time job.

My nr 1 question is why doesnt your husband/ partner help? 90% answered it just leads to arguments making it worse than it already is.Some just simply said he doesnt do housework, he doesnt like it! mmmmm Guys Guys would ou rather help or see your partner/wife chronically exhausted or burned out? Who wins??

Talk about men been programmed to feel more superior than women. It starts when they are children and goes up until they are adults. It then becomes very difficult for men to deprogram themselves and accept that women are not inferior to them, they are not their caretakers, workers, cleaners you name it.  They are your partners. It is clear to see this programming in almost every magazine, movies, commercials basically loads of reading material about love, marriage and relations. 15 ways to please your man, How to make him fall in love with you, how to save your marriage, How to keep your man, Is he really happy, How to know if he is loosing interest and the list could go on and on and on it always about what the woman could or should do for her man. How do we know this ? we know this because most of these articles are in women magazines which advocate that women maintain the stereotypical roles  leaving her in a place of servitude basically to be of service to the man.

Now we know that there are indeed alot of men and women with issues, from their childhood etc emotional baggage or even mental issues just to name AFEW issues so it is definitely not fair to put it all on the woman. If MEN want a perfect woman who can do 100 things at the same time please make sure you are that exact perfect man who can also do 100 things at the same time as well. It’s called reciprocity. Men can start by coming out of these patriarchal attitudes and start making wise and realistic decisions based on true love, which I’m sure everyone can agree is in the eye of the beholder and definitely not loaded with conditions and unrealistic rules or tips from tabloids, magazines or reality TV.

Real women don’t let you get away with nonsense and guys i will guarantee you this is when you know you have a REAL Women. She comes correct and lets you know when you don’t come correct. Women start taking your life into your own hands and stop letting men treat you anyway and anyhow disrespecting you and telling you what you should and shouldn’t be, what you should and shouldn’t do. PLEASE stop it ladies. Remember be true to yourself after all a REAL man who is looking for a REAL women doesn’t want an actor he & she wants the REAL THING an equal counterpat someone who compliments..

Afterall relationships in the 21st century require more than the same old mandane stuff we are used to. However some things such as honesty, trust and communication are still a must and still key where men and women walk side by side hand in hand. As most of you may have notices in most successfull societies we don’t see the king sitting behind, or infront of the queen and vice versa, they are sitting next to each other side by side.

Good Luck finding THE ONE!

milk and honeyAfrica is definitely the place to be.  It is the new land of milk & Honey!!

With Europe’s, dwindling economies it is clear to see from Greece, Spain and soon to join the list of struggling economies Italy that  its going to take quite some time before Europe can get back on track. Obviously the places to be are definitely not in the west and the rich definitely know this and are looking elsewhere to invest. Currently the ‘rich’ are rushing to Africa in truck loads to get a taste of the new El-dorado. Face it there is so much opportunity for development and growth in Africa needed it’s a gold mine, the sky is indeed the limit. Start of with simple fully equipped factories to produce goods after all the resources are just around the corner, Infrastructure (Chinese are currently on it) list goes on and on….

The problem with this gold rush is once more the Africans could be left out in the cold, since money is king in Africa and I have noticed that those talking about this gold rush usually are not Africans. They are usually foreign investors who have seen the opportunity and are seizing the moment. Unfortunately they are also stripping the continent DRY and doing this fast and swiftly. This is very unfortunate especially when most lucrative contracts are going to non -Africans and there is but a small elitist African group that is cashing in and they do not intend to include the rest of the Africans in their little and tightly knitted club.

Most Africans on the other hand are still hawkers and survive on manual labour and managing little kiosks which of course will be soon experiencing a huge crisis when all the sky rise fancy malls and shopping centers open up, just like when the import of cheaper GMO food replaced freshly grown food. When this happened most locals (usually those of lower income bracket) preferred the cheaper ‘tastier’  GMO foods  that took longer to go bad and sometimes did not need refrigeration  which was used as a marketing tool especially I rural areas where most people do not have electricity and cannot afford generators or refrigerators.

The upper class Africans just continued to shop at their health food stores and fresh produce markets and just turned a blind eye to the huge imports of GMO rice, milk powder and so on.

The privileged upper middle class Africans all the development projects the sky scrapers, shopping malls and son an are very welcome projects where they can now purchase their luxury products in style and comfort. Unfortunately these inequalities have gone on for such a long time that most Africans have become immune to the huge gap between the rich and poor and with all the brainwashing that quality products  and services can only be found in the west. It is obvious a lot of re-education has to take place to ensure that the education system provides Africans with the relevant skills necessary to  be able to respond to the growing demands on the continent  and things as basic as labour doesn’t have to be outsourced, instead they can begin to produce the quality and provide the services at a high standard locally. If this does not happen then in the end, the wealth created might just benefit the West and the Chinese more that it does the Africans !