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From Roots (which believe it or not still airs with re-runs) Django, Amistad, Uncle toms cabin, Beloved, color purple, Sankofa you name it there’s loads of them out there all celebrated and ready for some Award of some sort, movies showing their Demise and yet?

What is most interesting is how Africans and people of African origin enjoy these movies. It makes one ask are they so oppressed or screwed up in the head that they have acquired Stockholm syndrome or do they simply not care at all? Also one has to question the obsession of Hollywood in making such movies?  But on the other hand we have blacks in Hollywood with the resources to make movies that show the true perspective of blacks and their true history. (The one you will never see on television)

It is puzzling how a race of people can spend their money to go and partake of these slavery movies and documentaries in 2013. I haven’t seen the Jewish make movies about the holocaust and celebrate the screening of such a movie of late, nor Germans making movies about Hitler killing 20 million people and counting and celebrating the screening, this too, is history, but not the kind that needs constant reminder.

When blacks are asked what they like about these movies, they quickly answer and say its history and history needs to be understood so that what happened should not ever be repeated. But what they tend to forget or simply ignore is the fact that while they are learning about the so called past, their subconscious mind is been indoctrinated into believing that this is who they are. Now we know that the conscious and subconscious mind work very differently (that’s for another time) and just like food whatever you put in your body or allow to go into your mind will show it’s ugly face when you least expect it. Which put quite simply means that when you put lots of junk food into your body disease will eventually manifest and likewise when you feed your brain negative information or thoughts, that’s what you eventually see begin to manifest like low self –esteem, depression, lack of motivation you name it..

Think about it, no other culture is comfortable been portrayed in such animalistic ways, in ALL areas not just history and even suppress or hide the side of their history that portrays them as barbaric or animalistic. This is because when something is continuously shown over and over again one tends to believe it is true and on the other hand the others will begin to see you as such and believe that that is truly who you are and it is in your nature to be oppressed and manipulated easily for example: we know that 1 slave owner had several slaves, so why could they not turn against their 1 slave owner and get their freedom? after all they were the majority?)  These are the questions asked when other races watch these movies and see the indoctrination, division and other character flaws portrayed which they tend to associate with Africans or the so called black race.

So please think twice and think twice again about your source of entertainment and what truly is entertaining about these movies and what kind of future you are constructing for you and your children and how you can create a future of children with  a healthy mind, high self- esteem and pride after all children are the future! So what kind of future do you want to see? Good news is you get to decide:o)


Ladies are proposing these days. It’s NEW day ..yep yep they buy the ring or bracelet/ arm band get on their knees and go for it. Honey will you marry me? I know most of us can not even picture this lol. She’s his night in shinning armour… Can you imagine a woman going on her knees and the guy looking at the woman like ooooooooooh my gosh ooh no she’s going to do it she’s going to ask me to marry her oooooooh wow I’m gonna cry now, this is sooo amazing and then she says the 3 big words, will you marry and he goes like YES YES YES honey I Will tears start rolling down his eyes oooh girl I’m so happy. I love you. MUAH kisses.. no way I’m sorry these dudes are punks.

It should be obvious that there is definately something wrong with this picture all those muscles jumping with joy, legs flying in the air, tears rolling down his eyes then he wears the ring naaaaaaah. Just doesn’t add up women are born nurturers , okay not all, I have to say I am all for empowering women and equality but there are some things that just need to be left to the man plizz let them have this one. For those of you guys out there who think this is sooo cute or sexy sorry dude you are a punk plain and simple so ladies if this is your thing go for it and don’t forget to let him know who’s the MAN in the relationship.

Good luck ladies! I hope he enjoys you carrying him across the threshhold too:o)

sleepy headWe’ve all heard the saying i can sleep when i’m old or i’ll have all the time to sleep when im dead.. well you just might be able to that sooner than you think if you dont get SLEEP…

Sleep helps re-charge your batteries, energize and rejuvenate the body. However i’m sure we have all encountered lack of sleep from time to time usually related to stress at work, relationships, health problems….. So by now most of us have figured that these sleeping problems can become chronic if ignored or left untreated for a long period of time and know that it’s important to listen to our bodies abit more since your body will let you know if you are tired or at a sleep deficit. Here are some things that can help:

Start by monitoring your daily lifestyle (work and family balance), sleep schedule and bedtime habits.

Find ways to relax just before bedtime: a nice warm bath usually works wonders but you can also read a book or have some relaxing tea to calm down

Take power naps: this helps you pay of sleep debt:o)

Avoid big meals at night. Try to avoid late night eating and have dinner before 8pm latest

Avoid Coffee or drinks with caffeine: In general caffeine should be taken in moderation if you must and should be avoided in the evening.

Stay away from the booze before bed: yes, that’s right some of you might think that a glass of wine will help you sleep better. WRONG it might help you sleep but don’t count on getting quality sleep.

Eliminate noise and light from your bedroom: it would be advisable to remove the TV from your bedroom and make sure the room is dark (basically get some good shutters or use blackout curtains)

Introduce some sort of routine and try and maintain your sleep times. Remember your body needs to maintain a healthy production of serotonin also known as the *happy neurotransmitter* which is produced by day and lack of could lead to depression and also remember that we equally need to maintain a healthy production of melatonin which is produced by night and is known to help strengthen your immune system and slows down ageing of your brain.

Hopefully you will now be able to get that beauty sleep:o)