Foods Rich In Iron

Posted: November 10, 2013 in Food Digest, Health Digest
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iron foodsIron deficiency or anemia affects many women and occurs when the body does not have enough iron and is very common in women with Heavy mentrual bleeding. it is very important because iron helps get enough oxygen throughout your body and your body uses the iron to make heamoglobin, which is part of your red blood cells and carries oxygen through your body. So if you have a low heamoglobin you cannot get enough oxygen.

If your iron is low you may experience headaches, look pale and have pale eyes, some people get moody abit cranky, feel short of breath, fatigue, dizzines and have trouble concentrating.

It can be treated by taking iron suppliment pills, eating foods rich in iron or taking a product known as Floradix which is a blend of fruits, vegetables and herbs rich in iron. This product is fantastic.( This is not an endorsement and neither do i get paid to advertise nor promote this product. I am simply sharing this information having heard from several women i personally know and who have gladly shared with me about how this product has helped them tremendously. This is also a product well known by medical doctors who make prescriptions so feel free to consult your doctor and ask them what they think about this product and its benefits.

If you prefer to eat foods rich in iron instead then here is a list of some of the foods that are very rich in iron:


Dark, leafy greens (spinach, collards, parsley)


Lima, Soy and Pinto beans

Sunflower seeds

Dark Chocolate

Mixed berries( blackberries, blueberries, cranberries and strawberries)

  1. Lukraakvars says:

    and Liver, dont forget the liver. I opted for the supplements. I don’t eat any of those food ons your list. I only recently (yesterday) started taking the iron pills so we’ll see how fast it works. All those things that you mentioned about the deficiency was what was happening to me. Not a fun place to be. Thanks for your great post. i will check out that floradix also. Peace.

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