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Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year filled with health, happiness, great success and the best of everything in 2014!



Ladies, women are we still caught up on the man this and man that? Yes he might be good, might be very good, real smooth, cool you name it treat her like gold hell like a trillion bucks whatever you call it… but have you ever wondered why that is? And wondered why your man is mediocre while your friend’s man isn’t?  Now there are NO good men just men who know their woman VERY well. Now some women will put up with anything and anyone others won’t… basically what I’m saying is he is what YOU make him…Your friend has made the man she wants and now she has the PERFECT man for HER. This is not a case of one size fits all OKAY lol

Men these days act like.. women are toys, yes they say things like she can’t tell me shit, she won’t control me, she’s a woman what does she know, my woman does woman stuff ( whatever that is) and the list of phrases could go on and on and on…. Now that’s Game and most women believe every freakin word men tell them.. afterall he has got to be the one to be honored right?  You stupid yes I said it you are plain and simple stupid….  There are MANY MANY men who honor their women and guess what they are NOT asking for ANY of that stereotypical bullshit, they cook without saying a word or advertising it, they clean like it’s nothing should I say more? IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL… so stop acting like if your man cooks it’s like wow that isn’t shit… I’m sorry ladies truth be told coz so many of you are still in LALALA land and it’s a shame you are missing out on so many wonderful MEN and asking where are all the good MEN?? Daah I cannot say it enough so I will say it again THE WAY A MAN HONOURS A WOMAN IS THE WAY SHE HONOURS HERSELF.

So when you see that so called good man (for those women looking in from the outside) it’s plain and simple that’s not a good man just a man with a woman who still not settle for bullshit. She (your friend) made him that way for HER) she made him right for her… you can prove it coz the same Mr Wonderful will be Mr Hell to another woman or was Mr Hell to the previous women he dated.It’s on you WOMEN sorry:o)  incase you did not know men are rebellious by nature.. they will NOT serve you,  respect you, do what you say, be at your beck and call etc .. However they will use you to have their next of KIN( children), twirl you around and say how beautiful you are at THEIR convenience when it suits them of course or when they see a profitable opportunity. If you don’t abide sorry it’s your fault..So women how about just be you and enjoy been you doing your utmost best at been the best YOU you can be. Get UP and get going been YOU be true to yourself makes life so much easier because regardless what you do they will always blame you for EVERYTHING  so please Ladies PLEASE just be yourself whatever you are no compromises and you will see your MAN step into line and become Mr Wonderful:o) So here are some basic rules that can help YOU:

Ladies lades rule nr 1: Don’t be jealous of other women instead be happy for them and ask them what’s their game? don’t hate she is a woman just like you and she will share her secret to success with you ONLY if you are not too busy hating on her…

Women teach women not the other way around, Men do not and cannot teach you because they cannot relate to you afterall, ARE YOU NOT YOUR SISTERS KEEPER?

 Ladies ladies rule nr 2: Know your value and your values and make them VERY clear

Ladies ladies rule nr 3: Don’t use your man as a scapegoat take FULL responsibility for YOUR actions and know that you get what you deserve… you get back what you put out.

Ladies ladies rule nr 4: KNOW THYSELF

Ladies ladies rule nr 5: RESPECT your fellow women  do not break her home, her relationships and her family and  she will do the same for you and yours and voila you will see happier women sorry ladies it’s on US ladies and by this I mean white or black it DOES NOT MATTER.. some of you black ladies go like white women taking our men bla bla bla bla and white women are like black women are this and that bla bla bla bla but in case you hadn’t noticed MEN stick together regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation.It’s time we got with program:o) His best friend is  a MAN, his equal his brother or his father?  Now, where do you fit into this picture? but yet you are his woman right? where does that leave you, really think about it?

REMEMBER women, when a man says he’s gonna help you there is something in it for HIM, when he says he loves you there is something in it for HIM … on the contrary have you ever noticed how when your girlfriend or your sister girl helps you out there is NOTHING, NOTHING in it for her? Just PURE love? So SISTERS what’s it gonna be? Your choice so make it wisely:o)

Petits Fours Recipe

1 cup sugar
¼ shortening
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1-1/3 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
Pinch of salt
2/3 cup of milk
3 egg whites
400g caster sugar
250ml water
200g icing sugar, or as needed
Extract of your choice (orange, lemon etc)
6 tbl butter
2 tbls shortening
Few drops extract of your choice (vanilla, lemon, orange)
2-3 cups icing sugar
2-3 tbls milk
In a large bowl, cream the butter, shortening and sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in vanilla. Combine the flour, baking powder and salt; add milk to creamed mixture, mixing well. Beat egg whites until soft peaks form in a separate bowl; gently fold into batter.
Pour into a greased baking pan. Bake at 350° for 20-30 minutes or until a toothpick or knife inserted near the center comes out clean. Cool completely.
Cut a thin slice off each side of cake. Cut cake into 1-1/4-in. squares.
In a large bowl, combine glaze ingredients and blend. Apply glaze evenly over tops and sides of cake squares. Let dry. Repeat if necessary to thoroughly coat squares. Design to your liking  maybe some xmas colourede icing basically just get creative and just have fun with it:o) don’t forget to let them dry completely.