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Every year we make resolutions and then for some reason some of us manage to keep them while manage not to do so.

The ones who have managed never to keep their nicely planned and happily anticipated resolutions have slowly lost faith in themselves and don’t dare to make resolutions any more. Don’t do it!

Don’t do it!! Why not?? because i honestly believe you can still make new years resolutions and keep them. Planning your life and your year has never been  and will never be a bad thing, in fact what people fail to see are all the things they set out to do in the new year and have managed to successfully do .. yes the so-called small things do count as well. I have noticed that most of us are so focused on the so-called big goals,  ‘the main ones’ and ignore the ‘so called small ones’  which i know there isn’t any big or small goals simply because they all matter so take pride in ALL the goals that you have managed to get done as well.

So i challenge you to make plans, several plans if you can since i believe to fail to plan to plan to fail. Living your life with no purpose, no vision, no goals is basically a cop-out. We are all so valuable and our lives so precious that we should not squander this gift called life living like we don’t want to live. Doing what you are supposed to do instead of what you want to or plan to do. I have noticed that when you ask people why they do the things they do, when and how they do it, their response is i don’t know or they say things like that’s life we just have to do what life throws our way, like work hard all day.. now simply because that’s what everyone does, does not mean you have to follow some people believe that their life goal is to pay bills and  provide for their family and themselves simply put make needs meet. Now that’s important to do and its called responsibility but there is definetaely other things you want to achieve and experience in life right?

So take a leap of faith and make your new years resolutions/s and just keep in mind that these are ALL YOUR ideas, visions, dreams, wishes, goals, thoughts etc these resolutions are made by you, for you, exclusively for you to better yourself and your life and those of your loved ones so as long as you can exercise PATIENCE and FOCUS then  you will come to see them come to fluition one day. However most people lose hope if and when they don’t see or get results soon but what i have learned  over the years is that time is of essence and some of my resolutions or goals have come to pass and manifested years later yes that’s right i have waited patiently for years and they have come to pass some sooner than others but all in all they have manifested. Therefore i have to say have patience and faith this is very important and NEVER lose hope or doubt yourself and you abilities even when you see like NOTHINg is happening LOL i know sometimes it really looks like one is denial lol but hang in there and you will be laughing when everything starts happening.

So please call it a challenge, a task, a mission, a goal, a second chance whatever you want to call it i suggest you take full advantage of this time and have gratitude for the gift of life  and have a vision,  a plan a direction since if you cannot determine, know and see where you are going or headed you will end us on a path or undertaking a journey that you never anticipated. So please have and make specific goals and your results and outcome will be specific. Always keep in mind that your thoughts, your mind, your vision and your goals are in sync with the path you have set  which will be a good guide for where you  want to go and where you will find yourself. Without planning your life will be nothing but haphazard and full of doubt and confusion without direction.

Please try not to take life and every goal and resolution you write down tooo seriously, enjoy every moment and experience as each day and experience brings you closer to your goals. If you feel things are not going according to plan, simply take a break and get back on course when you feel ready it could be years later… and guess what? that’s fine toooo.. at your pace ALWAYS at your pace. There is not need to beat yourself over the head and feel bad take the good with the bad and recognize that life is full of lessons, each day we have the pleasure of learning something new which i know we have all benefited from certain skills and lessons which have come in handy later in our lives. I know i have. So take it nice and slow no need to rush through your list just live life with joy but ALWAYS remember to stay on course and FOCUS on your goals and you will watch them patiently come to place one by one, just like the pieces on a jigsaw puzzle every piece is connected to make a complete and perfect picture for YOU. So please i cannot say this enough have faith, commitment and patience, be diligent and take your sweet time on each task and each goal knowing that these are all things you need to do in order to complete your life journey.Afterall you made the LIST so enjoy your work of art:o)


2013 was beautiful….

It’s that time of year again time to reflect back and look at all the blessings, gifts and challenges the year brought our way..

I met a lot of wonderful people who have turned out to be really good friends and even feel like family. I was always someone who kept my distance and couldn’t come around trusting people for whatever reason but so many people have proved me wrong and have turned out to be really awesome to me and my family so I feel very blessed in this area.

Grandmother transitioned last year and we miss her so much she was so beautiful inside out. She was my husband’s grandmother and loved him to bits but I also became every fond of her and she sure felt like my grandma…

Got admission to a master’s program, this will be quite interesting haven’t been to school in a good min so although I’m looking forward to it I also know it will be quite a challenge working full time and studying full time. So I’m starting 2014 with a full plate and loving it…

Had a few disagreements with my immediate family members, one was upset coz I was trying to make him laugh while he was in hospital… here I was thinking that I could make people laugh and spend a min or two not thinking about their situation … here is was totally believing that laughter is the best medicine … WRONG not for everyone. Some people want sympathy and do not want you laughing or cracking jokes when they are going through something… Lesson learned… The other family member owes me money doesn’t want to pay and will not talk to me but hey…. Lesson learned here as well family and money do not mix :o)

Got into gardening, still an amateur but getting there so looking forward to next year new ideas and my husband promised to help me build some beds so hopefully this time I will start on time coz I was a bit late with some planting but not this year :o)

New Year, New ideas, New challenges, New things… Try it it’s not illegal yet :o) remember how we choose to view life makes a real difference in how we relate and deal with it so celebrate life regardless…

Take a break and enjoy life live! Your current situation does not define you. Be grateful for being who you are unique and for the opportunity to have all the experiences you have had and will continue to have to love, to be happy, be playful, be sad, be fun, be kind, be mean, be stylish be YOU its OK these are all wonderful and amazing experiences that we all experience daily so enjoy whatever it is coz nothing lasts forever… Just live!  Life is beautiful and so are you

Happy New Year yall..