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old peopleThere are also scientific explanations but from my observations looking at my family and friends and their lifestyle and characters i can say that in general there are quite a few things that men do very differently to women. One of the most important observations is how men deal with emotions and stress. They are very careful to show joy, excitement, love, hurt and tend to hold alot inside and not show how they truly feel. Perhaps it has something to do with upbringing, lifestyle hormones I’m not sure but holding everything in and trying not to show so called weakness can be very detrimental to their organs and have a toll on their health. Internalizing that stress rather than letting go can cause cardiovascular disease to say the least. Another observation is their habits drinking, smoking, sexual behaviour etc . These are observations but men tend to drink way more than women and for them its a sign that they are cool or some like to be macho and drinking until you drop is a common pass time for guys. The movie hangover said it best i need not say more or wolf of wallstreet  and such movies portraying men living on the edge and having an i don’t care attitude towards their life, disregard for their health and promoting reckless behaviour  and making it all look awesome have all been  very popular movies  amongst men not so much with the ladies.

Now, these have been my personal observations and my observations only so as much as we may never figure out this mystery of why women live longer than men, there is one thing that is for certain. We can all increase out life expectancy by avoiding obvious harmful habits like smoking, binge or excessive drinking, eating well, sleeping, exercising, managing stress and so on and most of all enjoy the life we have to the fullest and live everyday with joy and happiness. If not for ourselves at least for the sake of our families and friends, the people who love us most and who would love to enjoy our presence for a many many years.


There’s been a long list of them and Cairo has been at the center of it all. Now they have dug up yet another  rare find,  a sarcophagus that’s 3,600 years old  and yes you guessed it with a mummy still inside.

Now some of you curious minds might be going like hurrah hurrah hurrah but do you ever stop to consider that this is someone’s ancestor? It was definately someone’s mother or father, sister or brother? In this case digging up these bodies are actually very disrespectful behavior camouflaged as research.

Imagine someone dug up your mothers or fathers grave? Let’s just say a loved one’s grave without your permission, then dissected or some may say ‘studied’ it or put them up for display in a museum for people to come and enjoy the view without even considering what their parting wishes were?  What their culture is? Why they were buried that way and what that means to them and their communities? This is very ignorant behavior and  as much as many would give their countless reasons for why they dig up graves especially ancient ones they should still remember that regardless how you want to put it these are bodies of people. Therefore should these archaeologists have the urge to dig up bodies they should start with their own families, then move on to their colleagues who have long passed, ancestors on and keep going down the trail  striving to find the most ancient and start there. To be honest i dont think they will go very far since they won’t get the necessary permits nor permission ( multiple families will be involved, different religious and spiritual belief etc) to do so. What they should not do is impose their science, professional acheivements and beliefs on other cultures and instead learn to RESPECT other peoples cultures and heritage.  Some may claim it is good for scientific research others historical information, I still believe that it is very disrespectful for the dead.  May those who have passed on rest in peace!

What do you think?

valentinesI have always wondered why one should wait until valentine’s day to buy their loved one some stuffed animals, chocolate and flowers… Why wait for this one day to show the person you love that you actually love and appreciate them? Why do you have to show them with material things? You can write them a poem, make them a meal, give them a massage, or spa treatment if it you are horrible at massages so many things one can do to show your loved ones that they are appreciated and loved instead of doing the mundane and following what society tells you needs to be done to show love.  It probably would have more meaning if you did it as often as possible and did not wait for a particular day to show them love… how about everyday :o) like the wise ones say live everyday like it was your last… so i believe if we are living life with this in mind we would not wait for birthdays, valentines etc… to spoil our loved ones right?

Afterall what is love, what does love mean to you? I mean let’s look at it this way your man loves you but he loves his car too, so what is love or being in love? You need to decide what YOUR love means and how you would like to define it or express yourself to your loved ones, not only your girlfriends and boyfriends and husbands and wives but also your mothers, fathers, friends you get the drift……. I truly believe that when we talk about love and loving we should include everyone we love and who loves us back and appreciate them all. Don’t let anyone define how and who you should love but look at your life and your reality and appreciate the love you get from all those many people you interact with everyday at work, at the gym, at school at home, at your club etc and you will honestly see that we all get soo much love daily and take it for granted and for me actions speak better than words or material gifts. So remember to appreciate and show love to ALL those who love you and your family.

Most of all love yourself, lover others then love some more :o)