Sugar Sugar Sugar and More Sugar

Posted: April 16, 2014 in Food Digest, Health Digest, Knowing God
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Should we ignore what scientists and nutritionists say about sugar and just have a good time enjoying candy, cakes, sodas, alcohol, energy drinks etc after all we have to have a good time in life and enjoy and that includes having parties and how can we party without sodas, cocktails, cakes, alcoholic drinks, sweets etc? What’s a party without party food? What i believe is that we need to actually face the facts that what we lacked information years back but today there is no excuse absolutely no excuse of partying like it’s your last day on this planet or eating excessive sugar with no consequence. Sugar is almost everything so we need to start paying more attention to what and how we consume sugar since as is it today we are eating tons of sugar everyday. So most of us know that consuming excessive sugar is definitely not good but for some reason we just can’t stop eating sugar and even crave it, which clearly shows that most people are addicted to sugar! Yes Sugar Addicts.
This is what we KNOW about sugar:
Sugar , glucose, fructose, sucrose etc are all killing people slowly but surely. But we can see the symptoms of excessive sugar and in the long-term the diseases that sugar has caused.
Sugar makes people FAT, Obesity, hypertension, causes diabetes, liver issues and heart disease
Sugar increases leptin resistance. Leptin is a hormone that tells your body that it is full and alerts your body that it has had enough to eat.
Sugar just like alcohol is toxic to the liver, increases aging, affects brain functionality and can also cause deficiency in memory and overall cognitive health.
So if you must have sugar which can now be found not only in sweets, cakes, beverages like sodas, alcohol and energy drinks but can also be found in breads, sauces and marinates so if you MUST please have sugar in moderation. Alternate or substitute with fruits which also have loads of sugar but if you MUST have sugar it would be better to eat fruit.
Ignorance is not really an option since we are in the information age and we shouldn’t ignore valuable information that can save lives and start make those necessary changes in our diet. Moderation is Key and hopefully in the long-term we can have a sugar free diet.
Happy Easter!


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