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We’ve all heard phrases like: we grew apart or irreconcilable differences
Most people are looking for physical gratification. Relationships are mostly spiritual and people whether they know it or not do not get into a relationship unless they are meant to be together. It’s a soul to soul connection or a spiritual connection; people are brought together by divine order not coincidence.Think about it out of all the trillion and quadrillion people on this planet what is probability that you and your partner will meet??? Still think its coincidence? Absolutely not it is by divine order!! You just don’t fall in love; you are brought together by the most high. The physical plays a role too but it’s not the most important aspect of a relationship. This is where people go wrong and end up leaving each other because they cannot see past the mundane, looks, status you name it and when this is the main focus then you will always look for physical gratification. People today think its okay to change wives or husbands like cars or shoes. This is because they are so physical and materialist and see everything as replaceable and value very little. Trust me, people or things from the outside of your relationship are never and will never be more valuable the person you are dating, in a relationship with or married to. Trust Me!! Friends, Family you name it YouR soul partner comes first ALWAYS. All i can do is say lock and shield your home from outsiders so called friends and family and you will see your relationship will be great you will talk more to each other, your partner will be your trusted and best friend and you will forever be in owe to each other. But when you each have loads of people and magazines whispering advice and ideas of how to fix or heal or spice up YOUR marriage ask yourself why and how can an outsider, therapist, author know your relationship better than the two of you?? As for changing through the years its inevitable.. all i can say is embrace it:o)
We will ALWAYS grow and the one thing we are guaranteed in life is change life is a journey full of changes, challenges, obstacles, experiences and ……. all part of learning. Now when couples say we have grown apart, we have different interesting, we are not in tune, she doesn’t understand me so on so forth. The problem is since life is a process that involves continuous change even when people move on to new relationships they will have to deal with new changes, challenges and that new partner will change as well, so in the long run its juts like running away from the lessons of life and thinking that grass is greener on the other side, but at the end of the day it’s still grass, water may run dry and then slowly the grass will start to dry up just like the previous relationship so it’s pretty simple water, maintain and take good care of the grass and it will stay just as green.
Most people look for people with like minds, like hobbies, likes in general but what people miss there is something in the saying opposites attract.
• You know she’s or he is the one for you –
• When you feel empty when you leave your partner
• When you can’t sleep, eat or think
• When you feel like your soul is gone, like your soul is crying out
• When you feel the hurt right through your soul
• When you feel a pain you can’t describe
• When you feel angry, sad, self critical
This shows you that you were never to leave this person. They were the one for you!!
You will know if you have made the right choice to leave your partner
• When you feel free
• When you feel inner peace
• When you feel relieved
• When you feel you can fly
• When you feel happy and bliss
Then you know you made the right decision.
Otherwise Please protect your home and family with everything, cherish it!!! Forget the magazines, media, talk shows, the whispers from friends and family.. YOU and your family know BEST trust yourself and your ability to discern and make the right decisions always putting your partner, Wife, Husband and children if you have any FIRST at ALL times!! Remember your family was selected by the most high and perfectly woven together in divine order. So don’t squander your blessing for the mundane. God Bless!
As Always if it doesn’t apply let it fly!!
Have a great Day:o)


brainhumanResearch could help towards developing treatment for neurological disorders such as epilepsy

Heather Saul Saturday 26 April 2014

Scientists have developed an “off-switch” for the brain to effectively shut down neural activity using light pulses.
In 2005, Stanford scientist Karl Deisseroth discovered how to switch individual brain cells on and off by using light in a technique he dubbed ‘optogenetics’.

Research teams around the world have since used this technique to study brain cells, heart cells, stem cells and others regulated by electrical signals.

However, light-sensitive proteins were efficient at switching cells on but proved less effective at turning them off.

Now, after almost a decade of research, scientists have been able to shut down the neurons as well as activate them.

Mr Deisseroth’s team has now re-engineered its light-sensitive proteins to switch cells much more adequately than before. His findings are presented in the journal Science.

Thomas Insel, director of the National Institute of Mental Health, which funded the study, said this improved “off” switch will help researchers to better understand the brain circuits involved in behavior, thinking and emotion.

In the upper left opsin, the red color shows negative charges spanning the opsin that facilitated the flow of positive (stimulatory) ions through the channel into neurons. In the newly engineered channels (lower right), those negative charges have been changed to positive (blue), allowing the negatively charged inhibitory chloride ions to flow through. “This is something we and others in the field have sought for a very long time,” Mr Deisseroth, a senior author of the paper and professor of bioengineering and of psychiatry and behavioural sciences said.

“We’re excited about this increased light sensitivity of inhibition in part because we think it will greatly enhance work in large-brained organisms like rats and primates.”

The new techniques rely on changing 10 of the amino acids in the optogenetic protein.

“It creates a powerful tool that allows neuroscientists to apply a brake in any specific circuit with millisecond precision, beyond the power of any existing technology,” Mr Insel explained.

This technique could help scientists develop treatments for patients with some brain diseases as it could allow problematic parts of the brain to be switched off with light and tackled with minimal intrusion.

Merab Kokaia, PhD, a professor at Lund University Hospital in Sweden who has used optogenetics to study epilepsy and other conditions praised the research.

“These features could be much more useful for behavioral studies in animals but could also become an effective treatment alternative for neurological conditions where drugs do not work, such as some cases of severe epilepsy and other hyper-excitability disorders,” he said.

Vampire therapy: young blood may reverse ageing

John von Radowitz Monday 05 May 2014


Researchers believe it may contain natural chemicals that turn back the clock to rejuvenate the ageing brain

It sounds like the stuff of vampire movies, but scientists have shown that an infusion of young blood can reverse signs of ageing.
The researchers believe young blood may contain natural chemicals that turn back the clock to rejuvenate the ageing brain.

In the study, blood from three-month-old mice was repeatedly injected into 18-month-old mice near the end of their natural life span. The “vampire therapy” improved the performance of the elderly mice in memory and learning tasks. Structural, molecular and functional changes were also seen in their brains.

Writing in the journal Nature Medicine, the US team led by Dr Tony Wyss-Coray, from Stanford University, said: “Our data indicate that exposure of aged mice to young blood late in life is capable of rejuvenating synaptic plasticity and improving cognitive function.

“Future studies are warranted in aged humans and potentially those suffering from age-related neurodegenerative disorders.”

Evidence was seen of new connections forming in the hippocampus, a brain region vital to memory and sensitive to ageing.

Ageing mice given eight infusions of young blood over three weeks improved their performance in mental tests. Infusions of blood from other elderly mice had no effect.

What caused the changes is still unknown, but it appears to involve activation of a protein called Creb in the hippocampus that helps regulate certain genes.

The scientists wrote: “One possibility is that introducing ‘pro-youthful’ factors from aged blood can reverse age-related impairments in the brain, and a second possibility is that abrogating pro-ageing factors from aged blood can counteract such impairments.These two possibilities are not mutually exclusive, warrant further investigation, and may each provide a successful strategy to combat the effects of ageing.”

Dr Eric Karran, from the dementia charity Alzheimer’s Research UK, described the results as “interesting”, but added that the study “does not investigate the type of cognitive impairment that is seen in Alzheimer’s disease”.