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Nations of the world will be sending their most talented athletes to Tokyo in 2020 for the Olympic Games – but if Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe gets his way, they might also be pitting robots against each other.

Abe announced his vision while touring robotics factories in Tokyo and Saitama, which is located just north of the country’s capital. According to Japan’s Jiji Press (translated via Agence France-Presse), the prime minister said a Robot Olympics would be a great way to showcase advances in the field around the globe.

“In 2020, I would like to gather all of the world’s robots and aim to hold an Olympics where they compete in technical skills,” he said.

For Abe – who is trying to jumpstart Japan’s economy with various proposals – the robotics industry represents another potential venue through which the country could benefit. In addition to hosting an international robotics competition, Abe said he intends to create a task force that would outline ways in which Japan could triple the size of its robotics industry to 2.4 trillion yen (US$24 billion).

“We want to make robots a major pillar of our economic growth strategy,” he stated. “We would like to set up a council on making a robotic revolution a reality in order to aid Japan’s growth.”

Exactly how robots would compete during an Olympic-style event remains to be seen, since Abe didn’t go into much detail about his proposal. But as The Verge noted, it’s possible the competition could be similar to DARPA’s Robotics Challenge, which tasks robots with completing a series of eight jobs – like climbing a ladder or opening a valve – which would be helpful in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

The competition could also go in a completely different direction, but what’s becoming clear – and what Abe is betting on – is that machines will continue to become even more integrated into our daily lives. Back in March, a group of Swiss robotics laboratories announced that the country will host an international competition in 2016, known as the ‘Cybathalon,’ for athletes who make use of prosthetics and other mechanical aids.

What’s also clear is that, with or without Abe’s robonomics task force, Japanese companies continue to press forward in the field. As RT reported earlier this month, engineers revealed plans to construct a moving, 60-foot robot from the popular ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’ anime series by 2019, just in time for the show’s 40th anniversary.

As for machines with more pragmatic uses, both Hitachi and Toshiba have unveiled robots capable of helping engineers work in radioactive environments like the Fukushima nuclear plant. Meanwhile, Japanese engineers at Wakata are also conducting tests with a small robot named ‘Kirobo,’ who is operating on the International Space Station as scientists experiment with developing an effective companion for lonely people.

“When people develop a relationship, it is an accumulation of small bits of communication. Small things make it work or not work,” Kirobo developer Tomotaka Takahashi said back in December. “We’ve learnt important tips to develop a robot that can communicate with people


I have been refelecting on friendship of late and how friends can mould, influence people both for good and for bad.

We don’t usually notice how deep the infleunce goes but as we begin to act different those closest to us begin to notice the changes in our personalities and behaviours our language, the way of dressing also changes and places and hobbies also begin to change WE are DIFFERENT all of a sudden your family and thsoe closest to you start to wonder what happened to you???

It’s all well and good if your friends are the type to build you up, guide you, share useful ideas and tips and are in general a positive influence. However if you have acquired the type of friends causing you turmoil and now you begin to neglect the people you love, arguements rule wherever you go and you start to disrespect your spouse, family needs are put on the back banner, you have the i don’t care attitude towards those who care most about you then its going to be a sad day in time when you come to late realization that what your ‘so called friends’ are giving you is nothing close to that which matters and you might end up losing EVERYTHING worth anything.

I am currently watching families been torn apart, by friends influence. One Man so blinded by his male friends( whom he has known for about 4yrs) have now become his SOLE advisors on how to treat his wife and his marriage, what career steps to take etc. As foolish as it may seem this man is totally blinded by these friends and they can do no wrong their word is bond. After tireless arguments with his wife he is now contemplating divorce ( his friends think it’s a brilliant idea) and have prepared all the legal paperwork and organized for lawyers for him. This is an example of how far the wrong friends can go to destroy families, careers you name it and i am not talking about young children or teenagers i am talking about ADULT men in their 40’s to late 50’s as astonishing as this may all seem, the naive me still cannot fathom how a grown man can listen to friends to this extent and allow them to manipulate and influence him to such a degree?. Even if his wife is the worst person…( they have been married 10yrs) i still believe friends should respect their friends privacy and family and offer the MOST support( positive) and help as FRIENDS and not push for seperation and destroy homes. Those to me are the WRONG kind of friends. Now i could go on and on about this very sad scenario but i won’t i will just say..

When selecting friends remember:
To Study them intensly FIRST
To know who and what they are and what purpose they play in your life
To find out what you have in common and what you don’t have in common
To Keep personal stuff PERSONAL
Not to mix family matters with professional or friendship matters ( FAMILY IS SACRED they are not replaceable)
Not to compare friends marriages, careers or lifestyle with yours
Not to be the type of friends that cause problems in families or select friends who do so( avoid intereferance)
Not to keep friends that do not agree with the WHOLE family ( usually those are the friends to avoid)
Not to get into the habit of getting favours from friends ( it may end up been very costly)
Not to mix or confuse friendship with family( your friends ARE NOT and will NEVER be your family)

So as you move forward into the year please pick your friends wisely and remember to be a good and positive friend. Please do not be blinded by peoples titles, status, what they can do for YOU and what you can benefit from them. Study their heart and take your time. Just like you take your time selecting a spouse, job etc do the same with your freinds. There is nothing as TERRIBLE as having a friend who causes HAVOC in your life and when it’s all said and done you will be the loser and left alone picking up the pieces sometimes the chaos may be so bad that you will never be able to fix it. IT’S JUST NOT WORTH IT!!!

Be blessed and BE the BEST friend you can BE.

Please remember to be very selective of your friends.