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This was too great a video.. I just had to share. Joyce Meyer is the TRUTH!!! Plus she is funny and keeps it so REAL gotta love her.. Go ahead and enjoy part 2 of the video on youtube.

Be blessed and have a great weekend:o)



Rome pic 1I hear alot of people say prayer is like begging.. which i totally disagree. Prayer is talking to the most high. It is communication with God, and we already know that we walk with angels who protect us and guide us and this is a proven fact because we can see and have experienced certain things that we KNEW for a FACT that we should have also been affected by but nothing happened to us and we were not touched or harmed in any way. Ask yourself why??
Alot of rich people think their wealth comes from them however the idea that made them wealthy was a gift from the most high and the people that have been sent to them to help them achieve their goals and success have been sent to them by the most high. Nothing happens by coincidence everything is carefully planned and in DIVINE order. So don’t underestimate the people you meet, work with or surround you since they could be your next miracle, you next blessing or your next challenge. Always ask the most high to guide you, protect you and bring the right people to you. ALWAYS ask for Gods favour and guidance in EVERYTHING you do and THANK GOD FIRST!!! We see so many people with amazing ideas, gifts and talents but they never succeed or become wealthy. How comes? Why is that so? Nothing happens without the PERMISSION of the most high. So even when someone gives you a job thank them but THANK the most high THANK GOD for that job, blessing, gift, talent, wealth, success, health, children, family, friends EVERYTHING because without the MOST HIGH’S PERMISSION nothing will happen or manifest.
For those of you who want to live your lives on your own without GODS guidance and let his WILL BE DONE!! all can say is GOOD LUCK doing it on your own!
I know prayer works and GOD always comes through!!! So in EVERYTHING and EVERY SEASON just remember to be thankful, grateful and ALWAYS give ALL PRAISE AND THANKS TO THE MOST HIGH and let GODS WILL BE DONE in heaven and on earth and let God lead the way and you will have an amazing journey:o)
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Little red hen and the ear of wheat

I love this story.. It starts with one!! The little red hen had a grain of wheat, so she grew the wheat , harvested the wheat and made bread… she had to get it done by herself because all her buddys did not wonna help but since she’s a bad mama jammmaaa she got the job done and after her pals saw what she did they couldn’t help but wonna do the same .. so hej …believe in yourself and just DO YOU!!

So when noone sees your vision, shares you passion, believes in you.. Just remember the story of the little red hen with a grain of wheat!

Have a great week:o)

imagesCAPUBQ6RHow realistic are your expectations?

What are you exepecting that is always leading to disappointment?

Expectations can be incredibly unrealistic espacially when we expect them from people!! People are by nature Imperfect. NOBODY is perfect.

Are you exepecting love from your partner who acts like they can’t even spell the word love? Oh well stop expecting people to give you what they DO NOT HAVE!!
Somebody who doesn’t love themselves cannot love anyone else. If they do not respect themselves they cannot respect others… If they are not honest with themselves they cannot be honest with you… you get the drift:o)

We give people way too much power in our lives and place a huge burden on them to be what they are not and sometimes cannot be.Why would you want to hand over your destiny to another human being??One who is struggling with everyday issue just like you?? Plus we are ALL unique and require unique custom made solutions which only we know how to design… there isnt one that fits all personalities and characteristics so you have got to the work yourself!

Trust in yourself, Love yourself, be honest with yourself and work on being everything that you expect others to be and VOILA you will begin to see, attract and receive all those things… Reflect back to you!

We truly are what we eat, drink and THINK!

Have a great week:o)