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grad_capHow many people go to college every year and when they graduate can’t get a job in their field and end up working in jobs where sometimes a high school degree was sufficient or working in areas that they haven’t got any interest in? HOW MANY?

College for me means going to an institution that can help you get a great career or great pay. The fields that are obviously a good way to an almost assured career is Medicine and Law. These two fields although they may be difficult for some, challenging for other, costly for some, time consuming for others, these two jobs have a job guarantee.

Basically chose WISELY don’t think about careers that have a high employ-ability( ability to be employed:o) now instead look at the employ-ability long term how will it look after the 4 years? Will it still be marketable, will there still be demand after you graduate so pick a field of study that you know will be in demand after you graduate in 3-4 Yrs. Passion is good but you have to combine that passion with pay especially fi you are taking a student loan. Look at your studies as an investment and consider the ROI (return on investment) and time span.

When you have wisely and carefully selected that degree program use college to network!!! Meet people, get to know them, you never know that nerd who you think is not cool enough to hang out with your crew or group may be the child of some top executive who could write you an excellent recommendation if not give you a job at his corporation. Be open minded socialize, be helpful, open your eyes and constantly look for opportunities. Think about your resume in EVERYTHING you do. The Alumni you join, the projects you do, the companies you volunteer for, the languages you learn and speak, the clubs you attend. It’s all LIFE SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE that counts.

Good luck finding THE course and enjoy your college years!


Rome pic 2 Well well welllll….. I guess that would be the woman who WILL NOT SERVE and SUBMIT to her MAN or ANYONE haaaaa.I dare you to try her out she’s awesome!!! Let me tell you a little bit about this woman. She is the kind of woman who has gotten to know herself very well and invested in herself intensely.

Once a woman knows herself, she changes how she sees life, relationships, family structure, jobs, and men. She is not confined to rules, she is herself whether you like it or not, you cannot put her in a box and she is really not good at pleasing people, neither is she addicted to peoples approval. She is confident has her self esteem intact and is not responsible for your lack of confidence which people (mostly those who like to manipulate and control) like to use against her calling her proud, arrogant, full of herself, saying things like she thinks she’s all that lol yes, she is all that…. and that’s a good thing.. Understand her and dating her is a walk in the park. It is so freeing, peaceful and exciting, since she is constantly reinventing herself and so expect the unexpected and it may require that you either get right or get left he he he heee

Here are some things she does ONLY on her TERMS , yes, you got that ONLY when she feels like it nobody dictates what she should do and when she should do it.
• She does not cook unless she’s hungry haaa
• She does not clean unless she needs to haaaa
• She does not diet, she eats healthy because she knows it makes her feel good not make her look good for someone else haaaaa
• She does not exercise because her hips are too large or her thighs are not whatever, she exercises because she wants to live a long and healthy life haaaaaa
• She’s honest. Simply put 100% HONEST in every sense , she does not lie to make you feel good she tells you the truth because she values you telling her the truth… yeah she can handle it she’s a big girl haaaaaaa
• She does not expect favours, she is favoured haaaaaaaaaa
• She dresses well because she knows its important to look and be at ones best ALWAYS, not to impress anyone haaaaaaaaaa
• She is respectful, kind, loving and giving to those who get her approval, nothing she does has ulterior motives, when she gives she gives freely and lovingly from the bottom of her heart and it does not matter who it is family, friend, stranger you name it if you got her approval and she sees your need is genuine she simply gives with a smile, she knows the power of giving  haaaaaaaaaaaa
• She doesn’t compromise nor negotiate she keeps it 100% she does what she knows is right and not what feels right haaaaaaaaaaaaa
• She dates men who are her equal and not those she need to raise up, control, mould, teach, clean after , tell what to do constantly the blab la bla type, she dates agreeable men not disagreeable men haaaaaaaaa
She’s the hardest woman to date for the wrong kinda man and yet a gift and blessing to the right kinda man.

Guys pick wisely, i tell you pick wisely, discern, take your time don’t be intimidated or be quick to judge because that which you might not like at face value might just be what the doctor prescribed. Adore her strength because when your are in her camp you become a benefactor of her strength, Adore her confidence since when you are in her camp you don’t have to say i luv you 24-7 she knows it, Adore her honesty since when you are in her camp she gives it ever so lovingly and knows what role she needs to play to be your partner through everything hej I’m just saying try it out and lemmie know how it goes lol.

Be blessed in every area of your life:o)