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I have been meeting the most amazing teachers recently, recently meaning the last 6 months or so and it dawned on me that it is indeed true that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. I have also been speaking with amazing women and I noticed that they have been meeting the most amazing people recently. People who they never expected to meet but have met through the most amazing and exciting ways and places.

DOORS You may be asking what is the moral of this story??? The moral of this story is when you start to live your authentic self and be who YOU TRULY are in all honesty and all truthfulness you begin to attract your equal opposite if you looking for a man or woman, if you looking for a job you attract people who see you for what you are and for what you can bring to the table for REAL , they recognize your gifts, talents even the ones you overlook or down play meaning you don’t have to tweak your CV for all those unique applications because you are simply looking for one job and that is the job you were born to do, if it’s your business it the same approach.. and guess what its exactly what you should be doing so all those tedious job fairs, career events, networking events that you had to go for the ”networking” for the introduction to those “special people/person” etc. is no longer necessary since you go to events you love, like to be at and you have a GREAT time talking about things and stuff you want to talk about genuinely want to talk about and you can’t wait for the next party it’s not work anymore it fun, it’s exciting, it’s fulfilling and it’s all YOU and everything you ever wanted in a party and a job, a business, a career with the best teachers, mentors switching roles from mentor to mentee, teacher to student learning from each other it’s just great to be in such an amazing space.

So I DARE you to keep searching for YOU, find yourself, find your purpose and the live your authentic self because its 100% WORTH IT!! And when you do get ready the TEACHER will appear TRUST ME and they appear right on time!

Remember you are UNIQUE, amazing so don’t be scared to be YOU.

Have a great weekend:o)


Published time: March 19, 2015 13:33

Russian online payment system Yandex.Money is to start processing payments for China’s online platform TradeEase, which is aimed at increasing cross-border trade between the two countries.

The project is expected to have a turnover of $830,000 in the first 3 months after it starts in the summer.

The platform will be launched by China’s PayEase payment service, Bank of China, China’s Heilongjiang province and the border city of Suifenhe, Vedomosti reported on Thursday.

About 10 salesmen from the city of Suifenhe and other cities in the southern province of Heilongjiang will join the online platform in the beginning. The number is expected to grow to several hundred within a month after the launch and to exceed 1000 by the end of the year, according to Yandex.Money documents, Vedomosti said.

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The average spend on Chinese online stores accepting payments through Yandex.Money is currently $58 and is expected to be comparable on the TradeEase platform, says the Deputy Commercial Director for Yandex.Money, Anna Kuzmina.

The new platform will allow Chinese shops operating on the border with Russia to sell their goods online. Trade between the Chinese province of Heilongjiang and Russia exceeded $23 billion in 2014, accounting for about a quarter of the total trade turnover between Russia and China. Nevertheless, the fall of the ruble has led to a decline in tourist traffic in Suifenhe, which is the most popular shopping city in the province, so the e-commerce platform will help Chinese businesses maintain Russian customers; the CEO of PayEase was quoted as saying by Vedomosti.

Last month China’s ambassador to Moscow said the Russian ruble’s slump would not significantly affect China-Russia trade and cooperation. The ruble lost almost a half of its value against the dollar in 2014 due to plummeting oil prices and Western economic sanctions. In late 2014, Russia and China agreed to switch trading settlements to local currencies to reduce dependence on the US dollar and create an alternative within the global financial system.

Chinese online stores are the most popular foreign e-commerce platforms among Russia’s online customers, according to the results of the recent survey by Yandex.Market and Germany’s Research Institute.

Last week China announced the setting up of a pilot cross-border e-commerce zone to improve the country’s overseas e-commerce industry.

China is Russia’s second largest trading partner after the EU, after hitting a record $59 billion in the first half of 2014. The two countries are planning to increase bilateral trade to $200 billion by 2020.

Every single person you are in a relationship with is there for a purpose. Life is a school and everyone we meet and interact with is a teacher or so they say I think that some people are just plain and simple adversaries to test your strength and determination and that too is a school to see if you get graduate and have a stronger endurance but in general everyone who comes into your space has a purpose and a role to play some play angel and some are demons and some roles interchange according to season, moods, age, emotions, achievements etc

Rome pic 2Learn to understand your environment and get to know what role each person in your space is playing and then once you have identified their role decide whether it’s time to move on, get rid of them or keep them as a treasured friend or acquaintance.

Life is not a game. REMOVE any useless negative people from your space it’s actually very easy simply IGNORE them and pay them no mind and they will fizzle DISAPPER literally from your space in a blink of an eye. It sounds very simplistic but it’s true, it’s that easy TRUST ME some people will resist, try and force their way and try and pretend trying different strategies to manipulate you and earn your trust again, but don’t fall for it TRUST your GUT and most of all your intuition ITS NEVER WRONG!. Don’t waste your precious time trying to get to understand why they do what they do and what is their motivation etc… A wise lady told me when people show you who they are believe THEM!!!
Good luck enjoying your life journey and remember it’s all about YOU!!

Babies of same-sex couples are becoming a future prospect, as scientists have disclosed revolutionary research on making human egg and sperm cells using the skin of two adults.


It means that we might soon see a fully “dish-manufactured” baby, the Sunday Times reported.

The study was carried out by Cambridge University and Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science, and funded by the Wellcome Trust.

The peculiarity of stem cells is that they can be modified into any tissue in the body.

“We have succeeded in the first and most important step of this process, which is to show we can make these very early human stem cells in a dish,” Azim Surani, professor of physiology and reproduction at Cambridge, who heads the project and participated in the creation of the first test-tube baby in 1978, told the Sunday Times.

After producing engineered sperm cells, the researchers compared these with natural human stem cells from aborted fetuses, and checked that the two had identical characteristics.

An interesting detail detected by the scientists is that the cell is “regenerated and reset” in the process of “reprogramming”, so it doesn’t age or have genetic mistakes.

The researchers used the skin cells of five adults. Prior to this successful attempt, scientists had managed to create baby mice from engineered egg and sperm cells.

The research says that the gene SOX17, deemed insignificant in mice, turned out to be essential in the process of “reprogramming” human cells. Details were published in the Cell journal.

The specialist heading the Israeli side of the project, Jacob Hanna, said it may be possible to create a baby in just two years, and the gay community was particularly excited by the opportunity.

“It has already caused interest from gay groups because of the possibility of making egg and sperm cells from parents of the same sex,” he said.

Apart from helping same-sex families out, the study may prove efficient in dealing with infertility, in particular in those who survived childhood diseases like cancer.

“I am not in favor of creating engineered humans and the social and ethical implications . . . need to be thought through, but I am very confident it will work and will be very relevant to anyone who has lost their fertility through disease,” Jacob Hanna added.

As the Israeli researcher states, there is controversy connected with implementing the breakthrough discovery, both ethical and legal. The use of engineered sperm and egg cells could lead to changes in the law, the Sunday Times reported.

At the center of the ethical debate is the concept of people “designing” their children, ahead of the motion to approve the so-called “three-parent baby”technology at the House of Lords later this week.

Lately, leading scientists across the globe have been warning the UK government over their plans to introduce laws that would allow the production of embryos using genetic material from three adults.