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50 Shades of Black BWAHAAAAAAA

Posted: January 29, 2016 in Life Digest

50-shades-of-blackHej everyone, I missed you all, need to catch up on your amazing blogs but as you can see I was also MIA on my own blog he he heeee

Oh well happy new year to you all!! I trust 2016 is treating you all better than 2015, if you did not get of to a good start, keep the Faith because we are only in January  so trust and believe that the best it yet to come:o)

Okay I need to focus syke.. I can’t stop laughing he he heeee at the 50 shades of black thing ooh men  and I haven’t even seen the movie trailer nothing , I just saw the title and that’s enough like really be original a little bit what’s all this copy cat stuff I personally think its lame and I can’t visualize any quality story line coming up in this movie if they do the same theme as 50 shades of grey that’s will be like ouch and if they do the stereotypical black woman bla bla bla thing that will be super boring outdated and super lame and it’s the Wayans so expect some goofing around, cooning and bafoonary …i find their acting painfully pathetic anyways maybe they gonna do something different this time ( i doubt) oh well, for those of you who are excited to watch this amazing unique and bottom burrel box office winner movie kudos to you please share the reviews.
Have a great weekend:o)