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Posted: February 19, 2016 in Life Digest

Mothers…. Your Children are your MASTERPIECE


I have been reflecting on some of the conversations I have been having of late with my girlfriends most of who are mothers and some have made it to grandmother status way earlier than they ever imagined. What I have noticed is they seem to always have something smart to say about their men, their sons, they boyfriends etc almost in a demeaning manner and what I have come to conclude is that these women are not able to reflect on their own contribution to the behavior of these men or boys and take full responsibility for their actions…, women I’m sorry but i have to say it you did raise these so called good for nothing men, boys, you always brag about how your little boy cant do anything without his mama, almost like you take pleasure in handicapping him.. it is cute to do everything for your dear baby boy even cook clean serve him do literary everything for him when I ask why doesn’t your son help out ( note her baby aka son is even as old as upto 50yrs TRUE STORY) she replies proudly oh he’s too young I don’t mind doing this for him mmmm Im his MOTHER for Gods sake, when I ask why her husband/boyfriend/doesn’t do anything to help ( this is from all her complaining and joking about how her husband is a little boy acts no different than her kids bla bla she just keeps saying how shes gotta do it all

I personally find this very confusing since this is her equal counterpart and son going on adult.. although some are adults mmm?) but all i get as a response is for gods sake i’m his wife/i’m his mother, i’m a woman and its expected of me( REALLY?) is it REALLY or do you just want to feel needed?? are you scared of them actually been independent not needing mama, wifey so much? huh? thats a different story altogether..

Anyways ..years of hearing this repeatedly makes me wonder don’t women ever get tired of this kind of rhetoric? This has never made any sense to me not one bit.. why ” because in my view NONE of these men are guilty of what they are blamed or accused for doing, simply because they do only what they learn from their mama who did everything for him and you do everything for your dear son who will grow up do be someone’s husband possible burden, feeling entitled, showing signs of laziness, unhelpful, irresponsible you name it.. all those names you call men but what you all forget is no man was born that way they were taught to act like this and more so not by their fathers but by their mothers.

So women what you complain about the ignorant name calling, the whinning and winging about what he does and doesn’t do, remember this is all learned behavior his mother spoilt him rotten and now he can’t help himself and you women, mothers repeatedly repeat that cycle and forget you are raising the next generation, future fathers, husbands, uncles etc when they are your babies you think its cute when they are your husbands , your partners, boyfriends you say these good for nothing men yet all we are looking at is a ripple effect some might say CAUSE & EFFECT. In my view you need to start by teaching your sons the art of responsibility, pick up the vacuum, do your laundry, cook your food, clean your dishes these are LIFE SKILLS. You complain about the state of the children, community, responsibility … common phrase the children of today they are impossible, irresponsible bla bla bla really my answer is always the same to my friends ALL of them I always tell them you are looking at YOUR MASTERPIECE… why should a child keep the streets clean when he or she does need to keep their room clean after all that’s always someone else’s responsibility definitely not theirs, why should they care for you you have never taught them how to care, to help, show concern, be responsible .. al these LIFE SKILLS are not automatic. That’s your job, your role, your responsibility …unfortunately, that’s the message you have sent to your children.

The girls are also not excused they say these girls of today they have no virtue no self respect,no shame bla bla bla but I am true a believer that everything is a learned behavior so WOMEN, MOTHERS again finger pointing doesn’t solve anything why because you are looking at YOUR MASTERPIECE everything they do ( the young girls as well) they have learned from you, your dress style, boob jobs, butt jobs, whatever how you relate to men, the conversations you have such as its all about the money if he isn’t got money then he isn’t getting none… well, let me help a little here …your young daughters translate everything you do and say into their language it could mean he can buy me a flower and he can get some, he can buy me a lipstick and get some so on so forth… remember young girls have young girl needs so they take what you say literary but translate it based on their level of understanding usually as children which can expose them to diseases, pregnancies, rape, pedophiles anything and everything… so once again please do not treat your young girls like they are grown women they are young and need your protection, don’t speak carelessly around them, watch how you behave and dress they are watching 24/7 and learning by example.. once again what you see in the world today is YOUR MASTERPIECE so stop acting like you have nothing to do with it. She also doesn’t pick a vacuum, cook, clean etc nowadays why? you don’t want to raise her to take care of a man REALLY? because in my view these are life skills!!! she will need way after you are gone, when shes all grown up married or single she needs( like he needs/your sons) to be able to take care of her/himself.

If you continue to raise your children this way you will have little jack marrying little jenny and neither knows shit.. both cant cook, clean, responsibility ZERO, selfish 100%, needy 100%, feeling entitled 100%, giving ZERO, working ( why should they) perhaps move in with mama why not right?? .. what a masterpiece:o(

So next time Mothers, GRAND mothers, aunties etc you decide to open your mouth to complain about your husbands, boyfriends, partners etc their behavior, selfishness, laziness, child like ways you name it, maybe you first want to look at yourself and ask yourself I’m a raising another problem another lazy, irresponsible boy going on husband or girl going on wife and ask yourself what can I do to make sure I raise an individual that promotes strong family values, prepares children to be responsible adults, give them as much life skills as possible and prepare spouses who can develop strong partnerships and build stronger communities. That’s how i see it!

So what does your MASTERPIECE look like? Will you patch up the holes, smoothen the rough edges, fix the dents, re-build? Whats it gonna be? The future generation is REALLY in your hands for REAL!

Have a great Friday


The Chapters of your Book

Posted: February 12, 2016 in Knowing God, Life Digest

Rome pic 3
Everybody is writing the chapters of THEIR book. So when you decide to have an input and try and guide, manipulate and make people feel like you know what they need, or how they should live their lives, stop and take a minute and think about what you are doing.
So many us tend to self appoint themselves in offering usually unsolicited advice to people on a daily basis consciously or subconsciously. This I actually believe is changing if not manipulating and influencing the chapters of one’s book and script and from what I have seen every chapter and every experience is worth writing be it good or bad because everything used in the right way can be used for good and every experience is invaluable.
So let’s take for example you go through a so called bad experience and you overcome it or you don’t overcome you totally fail in that area, now if someone tried to intervene and prevent the outcome ( usually the inevitable) they prevent you from going through YOUR unique experience and learning a valuable lesson and in return if you so choose to share that special experience with others it could not only save lives, protect others from getting into the same situation and so on so forth but if you don’t go through anything there is nothing to teach, to learn to grow from. We hear it all the time ‘don’t let a bad experience go to waste’.
I believe that in every situation we are both student and teacher at the same time. Let’s try and respect everyone’s journey, share our experiences as much as possible and continue to proudly write the chapters in our book called LIFE.
Have a blessed day:o)

Delicious Sesame Brittle… Yummy

Posted: February 10, 2016 in Food Digest

IMG_8070 sesame brittle 1IMG_8072 sesame brittle 3

These snack are yummy as hell but please don’t blame me for the dentists bill he he heeee before I give you the recipe i have to add a small disclaimer please eat 1 and only 1 after your healthy meal lol
Now that disclaimer is for you as for me and my house we enjoyed these snacks and at least ate around 3 but I have to say we have very good, strong healthy teeth:o)

Heres the recipe Anyways..
• 1 cup sugar
• ¼ cup honey
• Pinch of salt
• 1 teaspoon water
• 2 cups raw sesame seeds (you can use 1 cup ( i like a lot of sesame in mine)
• 1 teaspoon butter (I prefer unsalted) but you can use any
• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract (you can substitute with essence)
1. Put sugar, salt, water and honey into a pan (preferably non stick) and heat to medium heat. Stir continuously until smooth and lightly brown (BE VERY CAREFUL, IT COULD SERIOUSLY BURN YOU)
2. Once brown/golden brown add the sesame seeds ( I prefer to lightly roast them separately before adding to the mixture)
3. Mix the entire mixture well until well mixed add vanilla extract and butter and continue mixing for about 3-6 minutes tops until it turns caramel like in colour
4. Pour the mixture into a well buttered baking tray(flat one, it can be metal or whatever you have) you can line it with baking sheet ( grease proof) and go ahead and split/separate with metal spatula ( for perfect/well defined shapes)or wait until it cools and just break them with your fingers into pieces once already hardened if you are not a perfectionist :o) which is what I do .. ( takes about 15-20 minutes) all that’s left is to Enjoy:o)

Wishing you all happy sesame brittle eaters strong teeth and abundant health.

Happy Wednesday:o)