Delicious Sesame Brittle… Yummy

Posted: February 10, 2016 in Food Digest

IMG_8070 sesame brittle 1IMG_8072 sesame brittle 3

These snack are yummy as hell but please don’t blame me for the dentists bill he he heeee before I give you the recipe i have to add a small disclaimer please eat 1 and only 1 after your healthy meal lol
Now that disclaimer is for you as for me and my house we enjoyed these snacks and at least ate around 3 but I have to say we have very good, strong healthy teeth:o)

Heres the recipe Anyways..
• 1 cup sugar
• ¼ cup honey
• Pinch of salt
• 1 teaspoon water
• 2 cups raw sesame seeds (you can use 1 cup ( i like a lot of sesame in mine)
• 1 teaspoon butter (I prefer unsalted) but you can use any
• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract (you can substitute with essence)
1. Put sugar, salt, water and honey into a pan (preferably non stick) and heat to medium heat. Stir continuously until smooth and lightly brown (BE VERY CAREFUL, IT COULD SERIOUSLY BURN YOU)
2. Once brown/golden brown add the sesame seeds ( I prefer to lightly roast them separately before adding to the mixture)
3. Mix the entire mixture well until well mixed add vanilla extract and butter and continue mixing for about 3-6 minutes tops until it turns caramel like in colour
4. Pour the mixture into a well buttered baking tray(flat one, it can be metal or whatever you have) you can line it with baking sheet ( grease proof) and go ahead and split/separate with metal spatula ( for perfect/well defined shapes)or wait until it cools and just break them with your fingers into pieces once already hardened if you are not a perfectionist :o) which is what I do .. ( takes about 15-20 minutes) all that’s left is to Enjoy:o)

Wishing you all happy sesame brittle eaters strong teeth and abundant health.

Happy Wednesday:o)

  1. ebonymedics says:

    I’m sure gonna try this out someday..cos I love 😍 Sesame seeds..

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