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Hej all, I trust you had a great and eventful July 4th!

I know sorry guys, haven’t posted a couple shows for you all…although you can grab them here…

In the meantime, here’s what you missed so far….

Investing in HeR- Healthy Lifestyle!






Copenhagen Vibes- The brain loves surprises, do something new!





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Be blessed






Hej Everyone..I trust you are having a great week so far:o)

Enjoy our Sunday show Oh My God!! …  we discussed knowing who you are as we talk about accepting yourself to help you become more confident woman.We need more Esthers and Ruths…

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sleepy headWe’ve all heard the saying i can sleep when i’m old or i’ll have all the time to sleep when im dead.. well you just might be able to that sooner than you think if you dont get SLEEP…

Sleep helps re-charge your batteries, energize and rejuvenate the body. However i’m sure we have all encountered lack of sleep from time to time usually related to stress at work, relationships, health problems….. So by now most of us have figured that these sleeping problems can become chronic if ignored or left untreated for a long period of time and know that it’s important to listen to our bodies abit more since your body will let you know if you are tired or at a sleep deficit. Here are some things that can help:

Start by monitoring your daily lifestyle (work and family balance), sleep schedule and bedtime habits.

Find ways to relax just before bedtime: a nice warm bath usually works wonders but you can also read a book or have some relaxing tea to calm down

Take power naps: this helps you pay of sleep debt:o)

Avoid big meals at night. Try to avoid late night eating and have dinner before 8pm latest

Avoid Coffee or drinks with caffeine: In general caffeine should be taken in moderation if you must and should be avoided in the evening.

Stay away from the booze before bed: yes, that’s right some of you might think that a glass of wine will help you sleep better. WRONG it might help you sleep but don’t count on getting quality sleep.

Eliminate noise and light from your bedroom: it would be advisable to remove the TV from your bedroom and make sure the room is dark (basically get some good shutters or use blackout curtains)

Introduce some sort of routine and try and maintain your sleep times. Remember your body needs to maintain a healthy production of serotonin also known as the *happy neurotransmitter* which is produced by day and lack of could lead to depression and also remember that we equally need to maintain a healthy production of melatonin which is produced by night and is known to help strengthen your immune system and slows down ageing of your brain.

Hopefully you will now be able to get that beauty sleep:o)