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As the year slowly comes to an end,  we can’t help but reflect on all the beautiful people we met who have shown us so much love and support. We share the heartfelt gratitude from all the resilient women and girls who are fighting and striving to overcome so many barriers but have been recipients of all your love and generous contributions.

It is however quite obvious that there is increased political instability that affects us all collective socially and economically and while the world trends shift gears towards as some might say a more conservative approach in Europe and the US alike, it is easy to feel disheartened. We would like to request you all to continue to be optimistic, as we  all know that change is inevitable, we also know that if we all play our role to change the narrative and create a more positive world together. I can’t promise that it will be without challenges,  it might even be hard but in the end it will be worth the effort as we will have done our bit towards contributing to see the change we want.

Let’s continue to support and inspires each other to become the best version of ourselves in 2017!

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!



Hi everyone, my apologies for the long Haitus… Thank you for all your patience and sharing your amazing feedback and love bits:o)

imagesWe live in interesting times with many challenges. Parenting too can be very difficult considering the factors be it environmental, economic, family structures, relatives, schools, stereotypes, prejudice just to name a few. This require parents to become even more involved in their children’s lives, realizing that the VALUES you instill in your children are VALUES instilled in someones future wife, husband, father, mother, grandmother, grandfather… you get the drift… DO YOUR BEST to raise the next generation of leaders that reflect the future you want to see, hopefully one that is respectful, kind, mindful, innovative, solution oriented, progressive, loving and free of gender bias. If this happens we might just live to see the #globalgoals actualized by 2030, after all “charity begins at home”

Enjoy the show we did on parenting in the 21st century…. eat the meat and throw away the bones:o)

Have a great day and enjoy the rest of the week!



Happy Monday!!!

Copenhagen Vibes-What perpetuates Rape Culture?

Hello everyone! I trust you are all doing great? Long time !! New you go.. listen in and Enjoy:o)

Todays share as we try to discuss rape culture vs victim culture. Why does this still exist and  why is it still rampant? and why are there so many cases of women targeted with gender abuse, rape and even death threats online.



GirlTalk: Family Ties

Todays share is a chat and chill on the most memorable facts about family ties. Yes, sista girl… Family comes first. Have a story to share about some of your memorable family moments. Dive right in and share those funny family reunion stories LOL. Go ahead.


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Hej Everybody …Happy friday!!

We had some really cool funny shows.. still laughing he he heee enjoy:o)


GirlTalK- Social Media

Todays share Girltalk. Today all things go, we will dish on everything especially the pros and cons of social media. Question does social media cause depression?



Investing in HeR

Todays show as we discuss Oprah wisdom that will transform your life and help you through your journey on becoming the best version of yourself.. think you what it takes to be at your best?






EXIT-Healing survivors of women trafficking

Todays share as we discuss ways to help survivors of women trafficking rebuild their lives. There are several tools that can be used to help women survivors rebuild their lives and as always we will share them with you.



Hej everyone.. trust you are all doing great!!

We are soo excited this weekend.. whoooop whoop ..  We have raised funds for 12 women businesses…okay I’m taking a chill pill lool I know it sounds so small he he heeee

Let me share…What started as a tiny itsy bitsy support to women entrepreneurs from underprivileged communities  with 1 loan and  has grown to 12…how did we do this? We at GWSE wanted to find a platform that restores dignity in the giving process and also uses a sustainable approach to giving so we chose Kiva and naturally went on to set up a GWSE team. ( We started with only 1 small loan of 25$ in May and now we have funded 12 women businesses. This is amazing!! why you might ask?? i know some of you are like why are they excited  its only 12 loans lool… oh marn we are excited because we have supported women micro-businesses who would naturally not gain access to finances, they would have gotten 0 ZERO…definitely not in traditional banking:o( and this in my view is a much  better approach compared to donations where you don’t know where it goes and half the time the people in need see and or get nothing/ nada.. plus this approach of supporting a biz is much more sustainable and long-term because she can continue to grow her biz. The famous saying give a man a fish you feed him for a day.. teach him how to fish you feed him for life.. That been said.. this works!

How does it work.. you LEND and not donate( don’t mix the two pliz.. OUR team is more like a crowdfunding approach ) this makes the women entrepreneurs accountable and responsible which we have seen inspires them to use the funds in income generating businesses.

So how does it work?

Step 1: Join can our team( always better to work together)  ..

Step 2: select a women entrepreneur ( believe it or not majority of people in poverty are women and girls  so they need your support!!) Also over 80% of women and girls are the most vulnerable without ways to sustain themselves making them a target for human traffickers at the least.. so basically they need to have something to do in order to make ends meet and to support their families… i call funding a womns Biz a PREVENTION technique and anyways overall women tend to almost always support not only their families but their communities #ReaLTalK ! The good news is we can change those stats one woman at a time.

Step 3: LEND as little as 25$/170DKK towards a woman’s business( we like to support entrepreneurship no matter how small… after all small things can become big)

Step4: Wait for repayment( in my experience they always pay so no worries here)

Step5: receive repayment then you can 1:re-lend to a new woman, 2: donate to Kiva,or 3 : collect your money and go treat someone or spoil yourself:o)

Step 6: Chill  and enjoy the feeling of uplifting a women and her family! you have just changed the stats.

That’s all its easy breezy and super cool!!

So think about it, read about it and get as much info about micro-lending or challenges women face to accessing finances and then come on board and Join US !!

Have a great weekend.

Be Blessed


Hello friends,

Enjoying the summer? i know we are.. now i got wind that there is a new series in the US yeah, ROOTS!! now you will agree that we have worked tooo long way too long  and are still working hard to make our children become more confident.

DOORSWhy the obsession with opening that door? Now incase you haven’t noticed there is trend of showing slave movies and rewarding that type of performance while leaving out very many amazing positive and empowering movies that have much better story lines which are well more deserving. What can you do? Make a CHOICE.. choice is everything do not accept or open the door to such images instead choose positive, enlightening stories that build and not not tear, bring others down or portray others in a demeaning way.

so ROOTS 2016 is  a joke to me! I doubt we need to be watching such rubbish or other negative story lines that depict and dehumanize people. Common that’s ridiculous.. that been said If you wonna watch go ahead but before you do so you might want to read or do some research on how the mind works and especially the SUBCONSIOUS mind!! Don’t underestimate the power of images and the damage it can do to your mind and though pattern.. just saying. That been said,  I can’t force you to do anything but i can share my opinion and ask that you mind your mind for the jewels of your soul. If you wonna watch go ahead but protect your children from such negative images if your can. Do that for our babies pleeesseeeeeee!!!Thank you:o)

I luv you all


Greeting Everyone..thanks to all the guests who joined us on the show was pretty cool soo much fun:o)

We talked about a HOT topic. Boyfriends!!! Should they have female friends??How do i tell him to stop without annoying or offending him? Should i stalk him on social media? lol OH Well maybe.. go ahead listen and give us your input on how you would address this issue if you were faced by the same dilemma.

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