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Happy Monday!!!

Copenhagen Vibes-What perpetuates Rape Culture?

Hello everyone! I trust you are all doing great? Long time !! New you go.. listen in and Enjoy:o)

Todays share as we try to discuss rape culture vs victim culture. Why does this still exist and  why is it still rampant? and why are there so many cases of women targeted with gender abuse, rape and even death threats online.



GirlTalk: Family Ties

Todays share is a chat and chill on the most memorable facts about family ties. Yes, sista girl… Family comes first. Have a story to share about some of your memorable family moments. Dive right in and share those funny family reunion stories LOL. Go ahead.


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Hej Everybody …Happy friday!!

We had some really cool funny shows.. still laughing he he heee enjoy:o)


GirlTalK- Social Media

Todays share Girltalk. Today all things go, we will dish on everything especially the pros and cons of social media. Question does social media cause depression?



Investing in HeR

Todays show as we discuss Oprah wisdom that will transform your life and help you through your journey on becoming the best version of yourself.. think you what it takes to be at your best?






EXIT-Healing survivors of women trafficking

Todays share as we discuss ways to help survivors of women trafficking rebuild their lives. There are several tools that can be used to help women survivors rebuild their lives and as always we will share them with you.



Greeting Everyone..thanks to all the guests who joined us on the show was pretty cool soo much fun:o)

We talked about a HOT topic. Boyfriends!!! Should they have female friends??How do i tell him to stop without annoying or offending him? Should i stalk him on social media? lol OH Well maybe.. go ahead listen and give us your input on how you would address this issue if you were faced by the same dilemma.

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This is proving to be extremely challenging too many parents. If it’s not the food that is filled with GMOs, school systems where any child who talks too much or gets bored and fidgety gets quickly diagnosed with ADHD it’s amazing how many parents still manage to maintain their sanity. The children today have social media which sometimes becomes more of a burden that a fun thing and some children are getting depression, committing suicide, increased self esteem cases it’s truly amazing how parents are able to maintain their sanity. Old structures don’t work, gone are the days where a college degree guaranteed a job, cost of living is getting expensive and quality education is going to cost a few bucks more, children get to go to court for petty crime and are quickly sent to juvenile to me prison like institutions for doing things that we all know are just what teenagers do.
Piece of advice:
• Home school if you can, i know some countries and especially in Europe do not allow this i don’t get why they restrict parents but this seems like a good option considering the state of the schools today.
• Limit social media and at least be your child’s friend so that you can at least know and monitor the company they keep after all if its good company and nothing to worry about their should be fine with having mum and dad as friends.
• Teach them business skills; support their participation in activities and hobbies these might just be their future business or source of income.
• Teach them to be independent at a very early age. Please DO NOT mother you child, they need to be able to stand on their own after all you might not be around to be there for them 24-7. Most parents think that they will live forever and or always be capable to take care and provide for their children , which is not always the case because I have seen parents die before their children and I have also seen them lose everything jobs, home etc u name it they lost it. So please make your life and your children’s life easier and give them the life skills they need to be independent.
Give a man a fish; you feed them for a day. Teach them to fish you feed them for life!!
• Always pray for the most high to protect and provide for you and your family. Please Don’t underestimate the power of prayer.