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The weather has been really tricky this year, but take advantage of the times when the sun is smiling at you. If you are an amateur or saying that isn’t me STOP its soo simple get a little pot or pots that can sit nicely in your kitchen window and in then plant some herbs that you would normally use in your everyday cooking. Herbs like Basil, Coriander, parsley or chives. I have Oregano, Rosemary and Thyme in my herb box and the image with the sticks are the tomatoes. Most if not all herbs love the sun to if you chose to have them in your kitchen and your kitchen does not attract sunlight then you may want to place your herbs in a place in the kitchen that gets the most sunlight. Also if you have a balcony you can make a little plant box and place herbs like rosemary, oregano and thyme or even tomatoes and salads. To plant you can start from seed or buy seedlings but please buy them from an organic store or market since the main purpose of planting your own food is to not only eat fresh and tastier food but also eat organic.
So as you can see i already got started with my herbs and tomatoes, also put in some beets and pumpkins. Today I’m getting my salads in the ground and of course some flowers. I try to plant perennials or annuals or both that works better for me because i just have to do maintenance which is actually very little work with these plants and they always thank you by showing up every year faithfully oooh and Rhubarb easiest plant to take care of all you need to get right from the start is get the right location in your garden( they don’t need so much sun) get the right soil and Voila every year faithfully you will get yummy rhubarb for your rhubarb pies, jams, syrups . I’ll show you some pictures when they start to blossom which from the looks of it is pretty soon.
Also Roses are good to have in your garden since not only are they beautiful but they also smell very nice. Lavender is also nice to have, for me I have planted mine next to the roses which also keeps insects away and when they blossom i put them in a little bag and put it in the cupboard where i keep my beddings so when i make the beds they have a nice lavender smell…very nice. So of course everyone has their own preference and design for their garden. If you have children please don’t say you don’t have time get them out there they love playing with the soil aka gardening and seeing their plants grow. They are such committed and diligent workers lol it’s amazing and somewhat perfectionists they want it perfect and definitely give their plants so much love that their plants can’t stop growing.
Happy Easter and Happy planting!!